About Niiche.

At Niiche, we are passionate about design. Time and time again, our extraordinary designs prove that high-end strategy and technical ingenuity go hand in hand. Be inspired by our high-end design solutions that lift your interior not just one, but several levels higher.

Experience luxury

Window decoration is the key to a stunning interior. At Niiche, we take it a step further. No detail escapes our attention. We strive for perfection and stimulate your senses with exclusive fabrics, refined textures, high-quality materials, and dazzling craftsmanship.

Our collections embody the essence of luxury, giving your interior a stunning look.

Designed and made in Belgium.

Innovation and style in perfect harmony.

Niiche was born from a sense of unexplored potential, a belief that window coverings can be so much more: technical masterpieces that also delight in design.

This is how Niiche was born: the high-end design brand that elevates window coverings to the next level by merging innovative technology and exquisite design into one tasteful ensemble.

Focus on sustainable creations.

Niiche cherishes the planet. That's why we consciously choose an innovative and eco-friendly production method: 3D printing. The advantages of 3D printing are clear: we only use recyclable materials and produce in limited quantities.

Our advanced technology also gives us freedom. With an overflow of ideas, we transform each concept into a unique product, supported by thorough research.

Designed in the royal kingdom of Belgium.

At the heart of regal Belgium, Niiche was born, where we elevate the art of window decoration to unparalleled heights with exclusive accessories and fabrics. But Niiche is more than just products; it is a complete Belgian creation, developed with care and passion in our beautiful kingdom.

A dedicated team of top designers and high-end product developers forms the core of our strength. As a team, we strive for nothing less than the royal standard: an exceptionally high level of quality, excellence, and craftsmanship, with a commitment to sustainable creations. Step into a world of timeless elegance with us, designed in the kingdom of perfection: Belgium.